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Enjoy listening to an album packed with soothing Jazz and classic opera from Victoria Murphy, a smooth jazz singer and professional opera singer in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. Victoria’s songs are sure to give you delight and inspiration..

Jazz Songs

It's "smooth on down the road" with Victoria Murphy's wonderful songs that elicit quiet, peaceful, and emotional feelings. The introduction to "Juke Box Love Song" features lyrics from a poem by Langston Hughes and is reminiscent of Lena Horne. The song was written by her brother, Jeff Sorg, an award-winning songwriter. Meanwhile, "Thousands of Miles" came from the movie Lost in the Stars, which Victoria sings and dedicates to her two sons.

Opera Tracks

Having performed opera her entire singing career, Victoria Murphy very much enjoys the mezzo-soprano repertoire. You are sure to appreciate the classical musical influence she brings with the opera tracks on her two latest CDs.

Romantic Wedding Music

FeelFeel the love in the air with the passionate wedding music featured on her album. The CD features all-time classic love songs from the rarely heard Dreams of Long Ago written by Enrico Caruso to the classic Cole Porter number, From This Moment On. These amorous songs truly evoke unconditional love and sentimentality. Here and Now offers some stunning song tracks, including "When I'm with You," "Stop Time," and "Thine Alone."

Broadway Tracks

Victoria sings breathtaking Broadway musical numbers on her recent CDs. Some of these are "So In Love" from the musical Kismet and "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. There's a cabaret flair as well in Victoria's two CDs. These Broadway songs brim with intimacy and attention to lyrics.

Singing Invitations

Victoria has accepted invitations to perform for dignitaries in formal venues, charity events, and formal and casual parties. Get in touch with her today when you want her to sing for your special events.

Contact Victoria Murphy in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, for details on how to purchase her captivating jazz music collection and engaging opera music CDs.

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